Duncan Flett and his wife Audrey have been living in Kyoto since 2002
(prior to that, we lived in Tokyo for 5 years or so). They both have
Japanese mums and British dads, so they are perhaps best placed to
bridge the gap between Japan and the West, providing you with an
informative and lasting memory of your time in Japan.

We are interested in showing you what makes Japan tick, not just the
big ticket sights (that are often overrun with visitors), but the
smaller, less crowded and more soulful places where you can still feel
the 1000+ years of history and culture that make this one of the most
captivating and fascinating places to visit in the world. It is our
pleasure and privilege to help you pick up on the things – small and
not-so-small – that you might have missed, so that you get the most
out of your time here.

We’ve been showing individuals, couples, families and small groups around Kyoto and the rest of Japan for 15+ years now, and our focus is on the experiences/locations that visitors typically find it difficult to discover –  language and culture are still significant barriers in Japan and part of what we do is to try and make those barriers disappear – or at least a little more transparent.

architecture, art, color

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Some testimonials

The word I would use instead of Excellent is Superlative. Knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. Could not have asked for anyone better to introduce us to Kyoto.
Vivienne S
visited Kyoto in June 2019
We had an absolutely fabulous time and enjoyed your insights, your hospitality and your company enormously.... Everything from the traditional lunch on the first day; through our evening tour of Gion; the dinner and sake tasting; the tea ceremony on Sunday morning; our tour through the area late morning and early afternoon; lunch with you and Audrey and then of course our rickshaw ride in Arashiyama. Even your recommendations for our free day on Monday were a huge hit! An incredible (and very memorable) experience for all of us - thank you!
John D
visited Kyoto in July 2018